Did you know that teachers use their own money to buy students school supplies?


Every year, Chicago teachers spend over $9 million on materials for their students.

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The Teachers Resource Project gives Chicago teachers school materials for FREE.


We fund art, STEM, and creative learning for Chicago students using public donations.

Help us reach our 2019 goal to sponsor 100 teachers and provide materials for 20,000 Chicago students!


How does it work?

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People like YOU donate to the Teachers Resource Project. Thanks!

100% of all donations fund school supplies for Chicago students.

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Your donations provide materials for teachers through The WasteShed.

The WasteShed is a nonprofit thrift store for art supplies and reuse center in Chicago. 

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Teachers share updates from their classrooms to track your donation’s story.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see photos from students and neighborhoods where your donation is changing lives. 


Invest in Chicago’s future.


100% of all donations directly fund supplies for Chicago students.

Each $20 monthly recurring gift will fund 1 teacher for the entire year and reach 200+ students. All donations are tax-deductible.