The WasteShed

The Teacher's Resource Project is an initiative of The WasteShed, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit. The WasteShed is Chicago's only nonprofit creative reuse center and a thrift store for art supplies in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood. We take in public donations of reusable items from businesses and individuals, reselling or diverting over 15 tons of material from the landfill annually. 

The WasteShed's mission is to provide Chicago with an organized, affordable, and reliable resource for repurposed art and school materials, through a dynamic center for activities relating to sustainability, art, education, and material culture. Open year-round 6 days a week, our storefront offers high-quality, low-cost supplies at 1/2 their typical retail cost. We are also proud to offer ongoing educational workshops on environmental issues and creative projects, both at the store and through off-site educational presentations.


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The WasteShed

2842 W Chicago Ave

Chicago, IL 60622




(773) 666-5997